Testing & Assessment FAQs

What tests are required as part of the program?

  • K12 lesson assessments
  • K12 unit assessments
  • The Idaho Reading Indicator
  • Direct Math Assessment
  • Direct Writing Assessment
  • Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT)
  • Final exams for high school students (twice a year)

Do I have to participate in state testing?

All students are required to participate in state testing, and are subject to dismissal if they do not participate.

What is IDVA's status for AYP?

IDVA students met or exceeded academic targets in all areas in 2011!

Idaho Virtual Academy is in School Improvement Year 3 because our school did not meet state and federal goals in 2009–2010, but did meet state and federal goals in 2010–2011. Schools must meet all targets for two consecutive years to exit school improvement status.

Our school is working hard with the state and our curriculum provider to increase student achievement and efforts are paying off! We made AYP in School Year 2010–2011 and are proud of our teachers, Learning Coaches and students for all of their hard work! Here is the link to view IDVA AYP Results and those of other schools in Idaho: http://apps.sde.idaho.gov/AYP/