What IDVA Parents Say

"My children have learned more than I ever expected, and so have I! Not only does IDVA provide the excellent K12 curriculum, but so much is prepared for me that I have time to concentrate on other things—more important things—than preparing lessons… We enjoy the family lifestyle that this type of schooling offers."
J. Call, IDVA parent

"I was impressed from day one when the boxes came to my home addressed to my children! The K12 curriculum makes learning at home possible. I enjoy the IDVA families and the wonderful teacher support. With them backing me all the way, I never feel alone. My children are thriving, and although it is challenging, it is the one of the best decisions I have ever made."
H. Higgins, IDVA parent

"At first I was afraid to try this. My friends all called me crazy. My own mother thought I had lost my mind. But when my children and I found ourselves deeply involved in the rich and engaging lessons, I knew IDVA and K12 would be a part of our lives for a long, long time. Now all my friends want to know how come my children are so smart! And, Grandma offers to come on Art day!"
B. Ryan, IDVA parent

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