High School Academics

Online High School Academics

Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA) knows success is not a single destination, and the journey can take many turns. But no matter the path, we believe in unlocking every learner’s potential by meeting them where they are and helping them reach their goals.

As students move through middle school and into high school, their work becomes increasingly independent. High school courses are designed for students targeting a four-year university, a local community college, or an immediate career.

Many high school courses are offered at three levels: on-level, honors, and Advanced Placement® (AP®).

In all three course levels, students:

  • Learn grade-level content
  • Complete coursework that might require writing or
    research projects
  • Tackle problems that require analytical thinking

In honors courses, students also:

  • Evaluate and synthesize information
  • Demonstrate more advanced writing skills
  • Participate in honors projects

In AP® courses, eligible students 16 years or older can prepare to take the AP® exam in a particular subject. Their AP® exam score may allow them to receive college credit, as determined by the college. To receive college credit in these courses, students must earn a C or better. IDVA provides all materials. Participating students must pay a $75 fee per college credit.

Plus, we offer mastery-based credit recovery courses, allowing students to focus on the areas they need most to recover credits at an accelerated pace.

At IDVA, eligible students aged 16 and older can take college level courses through local universities and community colleges to earn high school and college credit. Students are required to earn a C or better to receive college credit in these courses. Students must pay a fee for college credit, books, and materials. Some financial aid may be available.

*The K12 high school catalog is a complete list of the high school courses K12 provides. While IDVA offers a comprehensive selection of courses, not every K12 high school course is available to IDVA students. Information on specific courses of study and available electives is provided upon enrollment. For details, please speak to an enrollment consultant during the enrollment process.