School Back-Up Plan

Our dedicated educators and staff at Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA) and our alternative school Insight School of Idaho (ISID) are committed to providing consistency in every student’s life with a high-quality, engaging, and personalized academic experience.

At times during the school year, you may experience delays in logging into your online classes and you may have issues accessing your courses in the online school.

If you are still having difficulties with logging in after completing the steps above, please contact K12 Customer Care immediately so that they can resolve the technical issues on your computer:

Learning opportunities will continue through grade level math, reading, and language arts activities. Additional subjects are available, as well. We have set up Khan Academy classrooms for our school. Instructions on accessing those in the event of systems issues are in this newsletter.

Keep hands-on, offline alternatives available. To prepare, students and families may consider reviewing scheduled school assignments for the next day that don’t require computer support. Please do your best to download any necessary documents in advance and record key details such as username, and log-in information.

Please know that throughout the school year, IDVA and ISID rely on our trusted partner Stride and its more than 20 years of experience delivering online programs.

If you are unable to log into your school account, please, know that it will only be temporary, and we will continue learning! If you cannot log in, please, follow these instructions.

2. Click Enter Class Code.

3. Find your grade level in the chart below and copy the Class Code to the right of the grade level.

4. Paste or type your grade level class code into the Class Code area and click Continue.

5. If you have an existing account, log into that account. If you don’t have an account, press “Create a new account”. Enter your date of birth, then click Continue with Google or Sign up by choosing a username and follow the instructions to log in.

6. Click Onward!

7. Click Courses on the left.

8. Choose your grade level and then Continue.

9. Choose available Math and Reading & Language Arts courses. Choose other courses if you are interested! Click to finish.

Now you’re ready to start learning! Just click Start next to one of the course selections or on a specific lesson to get started! Work through one or more lessons for each subject today.

Grade LevelClass Code